MCI Express is a leader in supplying the cruise line industry. Wether it's dry or frozen goods, MCI Express is known for delivering time-sensitive freight securely and on time.

MCI Express is truly a unique company because of the diversity of services it provides. It holds Common, Contact and Broker Authority under the Interstate Commerce Commission regulations, and is a customs bonded and Haz-Mat certified carrier. As such, it provides all the services of a national carrier, including warehousing and storage.

The company has successfully gained a niche as an expedite or specialized carrier moving predominantly service sensitive freight in state-of-the art dry vans or reefers, for frozen and chilled commodities. It has developed a growing customer base that requires prompt reliable service when time is of the essence. This includes hauling sale merchandise, dated materials and goods that are due for on-time deliveries to meet schedules, appointments and waiting riggers. MCI guarantees the prompt, reliable service of a direct delivery carrier.

Leading the management team are the same two principals who started hauling produce in 1973. They, combined with the sales and dispatch personnel, have a total of 101 years of experience. Together they share a common goal to be the number one carrier in South Florida.

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